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Classical Tonal Earphones

Classical Tonal Earphones
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Classical Tonal Earphones: Major 913

Classical music is the ultimate expression of harmonious diversity. Classical music is elegant, expressive, moving, and richly dynamic.

Major 913 Classical Music tuned earphones are optimized to capture the full scope and breadth of a symphony orchestra: vivid treble; crisp, energetic transients; and each instruments’ distinct voice. They respond smartly to instantaneous changes with both clarity and balance, while accurately conveying the three-dimensional sound of an orchestra. The natural rosewood, wrapped housing entices warm resonance. The stainless steel housing provides durability and clear sound.

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 96dB
Normal Impedance: 21
Input connectivity: 3.5mm (gold plated)
Cable Length: 1.2m

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