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Lulalu Click Clips stick to stainless steel fridges, glass, mirrors and other smooth non-porous surfaces, going where ordinary clips don’t dare to venture. Energize your space while holding your lists, photographs, reminders and much more. Specially designed to hold items from any direction, Lulalu Click Clips are 360 degrees of cool color utility.

Our material is unique and requires some simple TLC: – Surface must be smooth, non-porous and clean of oil and dirt. Ideal surfaces include stainless steel, glass, mirrors, smooth tile, metal and sealed finished wood. We do not suggest Lulalu for painted walls, Formica/particle board and similar surfaces – they’re not really non-porous. – Stainless Fridge? Beware cleaners that “polish!” Many stainless cleaners have oil in them to make your stainless steel refrigerator shiny, but that oil will also destroy Lulalu’s sticky material. Bad news! Clean your surface thoroughly with a simple cleaner before mounting Lulalu. Get Lulalu ready to meet its new home: – Peel it!

Lulalu items come with a protective liner on the stick material. Be sure to peel that off first. It won’t feel sticky to the touch, but that’s why it’s so fabulous! Don’t touch it too much though – remember oil is bad! – Stick it on. Make sure nothing is between the material and the destination surface and press firmly (it’s okay to push hard) to make sure all of the material has come in contact with your surface. – Move it.

Don’t like where you put it? – peel it off and place it in another appropriately clean location. Lulalu can be used over and over again. Enjoy Lulalu: – Dropped Lulalu and a little dirt stuck? Use water or a vinegar-based cleaner to wipe away grime from the stick surface, allow to dry, and re-stick. – Not sticking? Clean than apply to a clean mirror to test for grip. If it does not stick then the material has become too dirty and the material will need to be replaced.

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