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Cocktail Recipe Coaster Set

Cocktail Recipe Coaster Set
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The Cocktail Challenge Drink Mats – Get a new cocktail recipe on each mat! Cocktail recipe cards which double as a Top Trumps style game and mats for your drinks! What more could you want for a party?! You want everyone to have fun and show off their drink making skills, but there’s no need to be left with dirty circles on your table tops!

After a few of these delicious tipples, the kareoke will make an appearance, and then the games can begin – pit your wits against your mates by selecting only the classiest, most difficult and make and strongest alcoholic cocktails from these multi-use drinks mats.

Win cards by mixing the drink with the best rating compared to your buddies and the winner is the one left holding all the cards! Perfect for parties and gatherings, these unique Cocktail Recipe Drink Mats will bring about the party spirit, as well as teaching you all something new (and delicious!). A wonderful little gift for those special people, or yourself if you love an evening enteratining!

30 mats included per pack
Different cocktail recipe on each mat
Trumps style cocktail challenge game
Great for dinner parties and gatherings
All drink mats are made from fully or partionally recycled paper
Different cocktail recipe on each mat!
Great for dinner parties and gatherings!

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