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Colossus Soccer Table

Colossus Soccer Table
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Feast your eyes on Colossus he’s Industrial Designed Soccer Table. A Brand new commission order from our Revolution range.

Designed by Nick Smith at Smithers of Stamford and manufactured by the Smithers team, the Colossal Football Table is a truly stunning piece. Robust, incredibly sturdy and made to look like it originates from the Industrial Revolution era, the style showcases a vintage feel whilst the luxurious reclaimed boat wood redefines Football Tables.

The perimeter shell is fabricated from reclaimed boat wood which is a mixture of hard timbers, including oak and teak, which is heat treated and polished with oils. The lower section legs, handles and abacus style scoring units are made from solid recycled iron from disused factory equipment. The soccer pitch is made from boat wood and highly polished smooth surface.

The soccer rods are equipped with special self-lubricating bearings to ensure a silky smooth, frictionless action and the ends feature two layers of shock absorption, which not only protects the cabinet but prevents wrist jarring, whilst also keeping the gameplay nice and quiet. The sculpted soccer players are crafted from recycled steel and the goal nets.

Ingenious designed and Ingenious made, it’s a supremely vintage football table which makes a centrepiece in any games room or a commercial bar.

Nick Smith, is a keen player of table football. Nick has combined his years of practice, aggressive co-ordinated attacks and lightning reactions to design this table so it functions like a modern day football table but with legendary Colossal Football Soccer status

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