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Coodle Pillow
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Cuddling up beside your partner (though it is one of the most admired cliche sights) or as a side sleeper, you might have come across various difficulties.

For instance, there may have been times when you had to sacrifice your arm and sleep in favor of your partner. But worry not!

The solution to this problem is easy and straightforward. There is a specific kind of pillow that takes the weight off instead of your arm and let you have a sound sleep – The Coodle Pillow.

What is Coodle pillow?

In the most basic term, a coodle pillow is a pillow that is tunnel shaped. It is designed to take the pressure off from your arm when your partner rests their head on the pillow.

This pillow has four arched plastic braces that help to keep its tunnel shape design. It also serves the purpose of easing the pressure from either your arms or legs.

It is easy to use(well, I’m not sure if there is a difficult part in using a pillow :))) ). Just put it over your arm and let your partner place their head on it. As such you and your partner can both sleep comfortably.


  1. This product can be used solo or along with your partner.
  2. It can be used while using electronic devices, giving you a comfortable experience. When pondered on the number of times people spent on using their electronic gadgets like mobile phone, this product is a must buy.
  3. When traveling, this Coodle Pillow is handy and useful, especially if the journey is far and you have to rest or sleep along the way.
  4. The product is also great for taking it along with you when you go out camping. Especially, if you are a frequent snuggler or side sleeper.

I bet you didn’t think there were so many advantages coming from a pillow! This is a very interesting pillow to have. Cuddling will be more interesting from now on

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