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CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor

CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor
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Why is this important?
Reports of Coyotes attacking dogs are on the rise. Coyotes are now hunting everywhere looking for any opportunity or any weakness. When they attack it’s like a car crash — you won’t see it coming and it will be over in an instant. The outcome will be that your dog is dead, or seriously wounded and you end up with a very expensive veterinarian bill.

A CoyoteVest is like a Kevlar® vest that a soldier might wear. It does not protect all of the body or guarantee survival, but it does increase the chances of survival and might be the difference between life or death. The most important thing is that you’re wearing it when you need it, so the CoyoteVest is designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off.

Does it work?
The first thing the CoyoteVest does is protect your dog’s neck with twelve 1″ spikes. The spikes are mounted in two rows on a stiff yet flexible triple laminated Kevlar® collar. The long collar and formidable array of spikes covers all of your dogs neck and makes it very unlikely that another dog will be able to bite your dog on the back of the neck.

The second thing the CoyoteVest does is cover your dog with a stab-resistant layer of Kevlar® body armor that can resist sharp canine teeth. The armor covers the areas of your dog that are at most risk and buys you some time to break up the attack. It will always be up to you, the owner, to stop the attack. If the CoyoteVest has done its job your dog’s vital organs will not have sustained puncture wounds from the attacker’s canine teeth.

You can watch our Kevlar® video demonstration to learn more.
Even though the Kevlar® is extremely difficult to puncture, it is comfortable for your dog to wear. The flexible 200 denier fabric is breathable and will hold moisture for a short time if it becomes wet – similar to linen. There are no metal parts used in the CoyoteVest so there is nothing that can rust. It is hand-washable with a mild detergent.

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