Criss Cross Nose Ring fake Double Nose Ring Twisted Nose

Criss Cross Nose Ring fake  Double Nose Ring  Twisted Nose
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When you slip one of our fake nose rings on you will be instantly transformed into a punk goddess, a rebel without a cause, a diva of the dance floor! You will be transformed into a lady with edge without having to undergo a piercing gun! These clip on nose rings allow you the ability to sport a little extra metal in your head without the commitment to a permanent piercing. Each of these custom nose rings measures approximately 7mm and are adjustable making them one size fits all. The purchase of this listing is for one (1) clip on piercing. Available in fifteen custom colors, these faux nose rings are handcrafted with silver plated copper. Please refer to picture four for colors, and use the drop down menu to the right of this description when making your purchase to select your preferred colored nose ring. These fake piercings are ideal for younger individuals who may still be living under their parents roof (and whose parents love the idea of letting them try out something new without a commitment) and those who want the flexibility of a professional daytime appearance and a fun night time look. These colored nose rings are also a great way to try out the look of a piercing before you commit, and in some cases clients have told me they were happy they went this route first because they decided they didnt want the real deal!

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