Crochet Slippers Gray Slippers Warm Slippers Slipper Socks

Crochet Slippers Gray Slippers Warm Slippers Slipper Socks
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Gray crochet slippers for men – warm slipper socks are great as everyday home shoes or as a mens gift for any occasion. Crochet house shoes are soft and comfortable, ideal for every season and fits like socks. These mens loafers are shown in dark gray and you can choose any colors you like. The slippers are made with a high quality 20% wool and 80% acrylic yarn, making them warm and very comfortable. Synthetic fibers like acrylic don’t have the same moisture properties as natural fibers such as wool, so blends like this one are always the best option. The wool gives the slippers warmth and keeps your feet dry and breathable, while acrylic is there to help the slippers stand up to rough treatment and a lots of wear. Slippers are intended to be used indoors and fit like socks. note: Listed model doesn’t have additional outer soles.

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