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Cyrano Scent Machine

Cyrano Scent Machine
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Cyrano Scent Machine. The Scent Digital Speaker.
Cyrano is a scent speaker. It plays mood medleys like a sound speaker plays music. Olfactory notes, like music in scent. Get energy with oNotes of guava, peppermint, then citrus. Get relaxed with the melody of lavender, vanilla, and lilac. Make your own mood melody and send it to a friend. She’ll experience it on her own Cyrano!

oNotes are olfactory notes or digitally designed scents that emerge from the scent speaker Cyrano. They shape your mood by direct transmission to your brain. Scent is the only sensory signal that does this. With Cyrano you can use oNotes to play Mood Medleys in whatever personal space you like. With the starter Natural Moods cartridge set, you get to experience these moods.

Cyrano will start you off with tracks to relax, energize, or take a mental beach holiday. Think notes of ginger or peppermint for an afternoon pick-me-up, lavender to calm you, and the scent of suntan to remind you of that last beach day. Feel free to play and explore from there, to make the perfect scent track for your day!
Includes polished aluminum Cyrano, battery charger, and starter mood cartridge.

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