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Defusable Alarm Clock

Defusable Alarm Clock
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For some people, there’s nothing worse than having to wake up in the morning, crawling out from beneath a nest of warm covers into the cold atmosphere generated by an air conditioner or inclement weather. These dreadful first few moments of the day are often further exacerbated by the annoying clang of an alarm clock.

Now we will recommend you a novelty bomb-like defusable alarm clock. If you want that annoying noise to stop, you’re going to have to defuse the bomb on your bedside table. Well, the bomb isn’t really a bomb but it’s just an alarm clock designed to look like a bomb, complete with sticks of dynamite and colored wires.

Color: as shown in the pictures
Material: electronic components, kraft paper and rubber tape
100% brand new and high quality novelty bomb-shaped defusable alarm clock
With built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it can be charged via the provided USB charging cable Main functions

1. Game function Press the Red button, 10 seconds countdown start. The clock has 4 different-color wires, only one can defuse the clock when cut or disconnected, Two wires are decoys and do nothing while the forth one will detonate the clock bomb immediately if cut or disconnected. To give a new challenge every time, these roles will be assigned randomly each time so the thrill will remain intact.

2. Alarm function: Long press the Alarm button to set the alarm time.

3. Clock function
– Novelty design, easy to operate.
Package Include:
1 x Bomb alarm Clock

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