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Diamond Corner Cover

Diamond Corner Cover
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A dazzling diamond to protect your little ones from sharp corners! This original set of 4 corner covers by Geelli Kids is made in flexible, durable, anti-bacterial polyurethane gel that is also soft-to-the-touch!
Ideal for surfaces 2-3 cm
Made of polyurethane gel, which is naturally adhesive, no glue added.

Works best on glass, ceramic, plexiglass and plaster. Position on plaster with care as repositioning could ruin the plaster’s surface. Less adhesive to mosaics, tiling and bass-relief. Not particularly adhesive to rough stone. If the product does not adhere, it could be due to dirt or dust. In this case a) wash the area with water and multi-purpose cleaner b) let the area dry naturally c) once area is dry, re-ahdere the picture frame.
Available Colors: Red, Turtle Dove, Air, Neutral

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