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DJ Geyser RGB Fog Machine

DJ Geyser RGB Fog Machine
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Make a statement with the Chauvet Geyser RGB Jr, which is a compact version of our unique effect fogger that adds a touch of drama to any performance. This powerful fogger blasts a 15-foot high vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 9 high-power (3W) LEDs. A combination of red, green and blue LEDs allows you to easily mix the perfect color to transform the fog into a stunning effect.

Produces a pyrotechnic-like effect by emitting 15-foot-high blasts of color, fog and light
Lightweight and compact size of original GEYSER RGB, makes it perfect for mobile applications
Functions as a dramatic effect or powerful fogger
Creates a bright, colorful stage effect using 9 (3 W) RGB LEDs
Wireless control of independent colors using the included GeyserTM Wireless Remote

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