Dwarvendom Beard Bead Kit TIBETAN ALLOY viking beard rings

Dwarvendom Beard Bead Kit TIBETAN ALLOY viking beard rings
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This Tibetan alloy beard bead measures 8x13mm, with an inside diameter of 5mm. Our beard bead pin beading system is rubber-band free, simple, and non-damaging. however we also offer hair-bands kits now! Choose which you prefer from the drop-down menu. You can see a comparison of sample kits in the listing photos. Look for the stars to see which two kit selections you are choosing from with this beard bead. Our beads will stay in place on braided and unbraided hair. Hair-bands vs. Beard Bead Pins: Our pin system is designed to be reusable and long-lasting. It does, however, require some practice to get the right amount of hair/pin/bead-hole ratio. It works by creating pressure inside the bead when you insert the pin. Once you have the hang of it, and the bead is on nice and tight, it will stay put very well. Hair-bands are more of a sure-thing. The texture of a Hair-band is going to hold the hair and bead in place for absolute sure.

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