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Eight Smart Heating Pad

Eight Smart Heating Pad
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Eight is designed with advanced technology to sense and analyze over 15 factors from your bedroom environment and sleeping patterns to determine the temperature that helps you sleep best.

Temperature management
Eight monitors conditions in your bedroom like ambient temperature, humidity, noise and light levels, alongside data about the quality of your sleep. Eight uses all this information to determine and set the ideal warming setting for you.

Dual-zone controls
Eight’s dual-zone warming technology gives you the freedom to set your own bed temperature. Now you can have your side of the bed your way, and your partner can have it their way.

Controlled from your phone
Eight can be controlled from your smart phone. It shows you when the cover is warming, when it has reached the ideal temperature, and when it has shut off. You never have to worry about overheating or about turning it off in the morning. Eight will do on its own.

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