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Elite H.D. A-Audio Headphones

Elite H.D. A-Audio Headphones
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The Elite HD Headphones are uniquely outfitted with a distinctive chrome-plated, bevel-edged design. The black and chrome earphones bring together dramatic aesthetics with high-tech components for superior sound. The Lyric pairs a compact on-ear design with passive noise cancellation for rich, crystal clear sound reproduction.

With premium sound quality and metal construction, the Lyric On-Ear headphones draw inspiration from classic auto and luxury timepiece design with a supple diamond-quilted leather band and octagonal bezels secured by hexagonal screws on each ear cup. This signature A-Audio aesthetic brings together high-tech components and materials engineered for optimal sound and enduring performance including 40 mm drivers, powerful circuitry, chrome and gold plating, and stainless steel.

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