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Enya X4 Carbon Fiber AcousticPlus Guitar

Enya X4 Carbon Fiber AcousticPlus Guitar
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  • ♫ CARBON FIBER GUITAR : 95%-graphite soundboard’s damping is almost constant across the acoustic spectrum, sound is impeccably balanced and VERY loud. Once you have heard the classic carbon sound you’ll recognize it anywhere. If you travel a lot with your quitar, a more compcat version would be better for you. Check out this Martin Backpacker guitar.
  • ♫ IMPERVIOUS TO CLIMATE CHANGES : The inherent strength and stability of graphite means the guitar that can survive travel and changes in the environment, also keep stay in tune.
  • ♫ ELEVATED NECK DESIGN: This special design can reduce the pressure on the soundboard resulting in a good intonation transmission,making the tone be released fully.
  • ♫ ACOUSTICPLUS PICK UP SYSTEM: The patented AcousticPlus pickup system works on both acoustic guitars and acoustic-electric hybrids. When plugged in, the electric effects are simply strengthened by the actuator.
  • ♫WHAT YOU GET: Each X4 guitar was packaged with a deluxe hard-shell case, leather strap.30-day return & refund and one-year US warranty.
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