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EOS Aluminum Wallet

EOS Aluminum Wallet
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The EOS aluminum wallet is CNC machined from 6061 (aircraft grade) aluminum. The wallet consists of 2 plates that are held together by 4 o-rings and stainless steel hardware. This design works well because the o-rings constantly hold tension on the contents inside the wallet, and can adapt to different amounts of bills and cards.

The wallets can accommodate the equivalent of 25 cards, so 25 cards alone, or 20 cards and 20 bills, or up to 60 bills alone. The contents are accessed by using the thumb slot, which doubles as a bottle opener, to slide the contents partially out of the wallet. The item(s) are then easily removed by pinching the opposite side of the wallet to fan out everything inside and making a selection. When finished, simply slide the contents back into the wallet.

The EOS wallet is a great alternative to a regular wallet for everyday use, or a condensed version of ones large wallet when going to events or functions when carrying a bulky wallet is impractical.

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