Eve Smart Mirror

Eve Smart Mirror
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We use smart home technology in our daily lives everywhere. From a simple, convenient, and energy efficiency thermostat to a more complicated safety and home computerization.

Eve Smart Mirror is an innovative, customizable,  interactive mirror that makes your home really smart.

It is light-weight, beautiful, and small. The smart mirror is specially designed to fit perfectly in any studio, workshop, or home.

However, some of us have no idea how and where to start. And it would be great if there was one device that can work on all devices. For this reason, this mirror was created.

Let’s look into how smart this mirror can be(and this mirror is really smart!).

Eve Smart Mirror is easy to install

Regardless of whether you are a smart home fan or a novice in the intelligent home scene, the good thing about this mirror is that it is suitable for everyone. Who would have thought that you can brush your teeth while ordering food or calling an Uber!

It is easy to install, and you can smoothly manage different frames so you can instantly change them, depending upon your needs.

The easy plug and play function allows you to access various applications compatible with the smart mirror.

A regular mirror with an innovative twist

It looks like a typical mirror, but it is also an example of evolution of a product that has never seen significant innovation in the past years.

With its unique and innovative designs, this mirror is one of the most creative, productive, and helpful smart mirror you will ever use. Imagine standing on this Genteele bath mat in front of your smart mirror


  • No setup hassles. Plug and play!
  • No need to depend on any other device or machine
  • No need to rely on local Wi-Fi
  • Walk around the room while controlling everything from your voice.
  • Control the lights in your room
  • Take photos
  • Call an Uber driver
  • Make phone calls
  • Play music
  • Order from Amazon
  • Set alarms or reminders
  • Listen to audio books
  • View your emails

If you are a technology enthusiast and love having state of the art gadgets in your home, the Eve Smart Mirror is the one to have. It is smart, practical and could be very fun!

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