Faux Taxidermy Fabric Deer Head Wall Mount

Faux Taxidermy Fabric Deer Head Wall Mount
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Near and Deer’s faux 8 point deer head is sure to spark conversations in your home. Show off your love for animals by displaying this beautifully crafted and detailed resin deer head, which of course is cruelty-free. Our faux taxidermied animal heads are modern, trendy, and animal-friendly. This piece has been intricately covered with fabric and then sealed with a protectant, making it easier to dust off from time to time. The fabric deer head is hard to the touch and is not stuffed or soft.this item measures 22 in. tall x 16 in. wide x 13 in. off the wall (measurements include the antlers). The 8 point deer head is made of resin and weighs approximately 5 lbs. The antlers arrive detached from the deer head in the same package and must be inserted before hanging the head on your wall. We recommend gluing the antlers in the head to make them more secure. Each piece of art is hand painted to order in Near and Deer’s Stewartstown, pa studio.

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