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Ferrari Red Music Hall MMF-5.3LE Turntable

Ferrari Red Music Hall MMF-5.3LE Turntable
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Ferrari Red Music Hall MMF-5.3LE Turntable
The Music Hall MMF-5.3LE turntable is a two speed belt driven audiophile turntable employing the unique dual-plinth construction originated by Music Hall.
The distinctive design isolates the critical sound reproducing components; platter, main bearing, tonearm, and cartridge on the top platform from the motor, switch, wiring, and feet which are mounted on the bottom platform. Viso-elastic cones separate the two platforms and provide vibration damping. The MMF-5.3 LE comes complete with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge mounted.

Top tier one-piece alloy tonearm with flexible internal wire drawn from high purity copper
Counterweight’s center of gravity is level with the stylus tip and decoupled from the arm, acts as a resonance damper

Isolated asynchronous motor with two-speed (33 and 45rpm) pulley
Factory mounted Music Hall Magic 3
Precision stainless steel main bearing sheathed in Teflon for noise-free operation
Dynamically balanced alloy platter with soft felt mat and screw-on record clamp

High quality gold plated RCA connectors and detachable phono cable
Special vibration-damping adjustable feet and spirit level
Low noise, fully manual belt-drive design
Excellent instruction manual and easy assembly
Hinged dustcover and 45rpm adapter

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