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Flea Killing Pet Comb

Flea Killing Pet Comb
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Epilady Ep40120 Flea Zapper Electric Flea Comb Pets CompactProduct Features Detects Fleas- Just comb through your pet’s hair Destroys Fleas on Contact No Chemicals / Non-Toxic No Mess, No Gels, No Oils Reusable and Economical Product Description Epilady EP-401-20 Flea Zapper electric flea comb. The SAFEST flea killer. Non-toxic and pesticide free. Detect and destroy fleas. Detects Fleas- Just comb through your pet’s hair. Destroys fleas on contact. No chemicals / non-toxic. No mess, no gels, no oils.

No odor or fragrance. Use anywhere and anytime on dry hair. Reusable and economical. The Flea Zapper detects and destroys fleas on contact simply by combing it through dry hair. When the electronic Comb touches Fleas, they get zapped, die and are combed out of the hair. In addition, while fleas have been reported to be building up a resistance to pesticides used in other lfleas treatments, Flea cannot become resistant to the Flea Zapper treatment. The Flea Zapper also happens to be a very economical way to kill fleas fast.

Electronic Flea Comb kills fleas without
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