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FootGloves: The Socks Of The Future

FootGloves: The Socks Of The Future
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FootGlove Performance Footwear Inc. is in the process of introducing an ingenious and innovative new product, designed as an advanced and comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology foot support solution system. Offering an all in one ultimate foot support sock with extra shock absorbent foam pad underneath the foot from heel to toe.It fits the foot like a glove,while providing pain-relief to multiple causes of foot and lower extremity pain,discomfort and damage, all in one system. This product will turn most shoe designs into a device capable of providing full pressure point dispersion, impact and special pain cushioning by shielding foot pain at the source point.Other features includes lateral support, compression for swelling reduction and silver Ions that controls odor.It is also available with Celliant which is an infrared body heat activated special mineral infused fiber that is woven into our PF socks. The FootGlove Performance Footwear “Ultimate Foot Support Socks” are washer and dryer safe friendly!

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