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FRED Luxury Smart Mirror

FRED Luxury Smart Mirror
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An immaculately designed luxury mirror with a slim profile encased with a champagne gold frame, the Mirror easily adds a touch of elegance to any designer home and bathroom, although that is where the similarity to the traditional mirror ends. Made of the finest quality materials, the Mirror is waterproof, remains clear of mist and mirror spots, even in the most humid bathroom environment. Much more than a stylish and refined looking glass, it is a butler in the digital era.

If you’re crafty, build it. Individual pieces, the expenses will be 2-way 70% transparent mirror, monitor, raspberry pi, 2″x4″, mounting materials, screws. Or, do what I did and buy this mirror and frame by Vilaros

The Mirror is informative and Internet connected; it presents the latest news, weather information, schedule of the day, social media updates while the user gets ready in the morning, without the need to pick up a smartphone.
The Mirror is entertaining; with two crystal-clear speakers built into its anodised brushed aluminium frame. Users can listen to their favourite music, and control the Mirror through voice commands.

The Mirror is energy-friendly; through a motion sensor, its smart display only turns on when a user steps towards it, and dims into a regular mirror when the user walks away.
The Mirror keeps the environment fresh; with an advanced air purifying technology embedded, making every visit to the bathroom a pleasant experience.

The Mirror is a smart platform for third-party lifestyle devices; it easily connects with health monitoring solutions for measuring fitness and sleeping patterns, skin and hair conditions, it teaches children how to brush their teeth with gamified applications, and even prepare your morning cup of coffee while you are in the bathroom.

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