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Fritz Hansen Rin HK10 Modern Armchair by Hiromichi Konno

Fritz Hansen Rin HK10 Modern Armchair by Hiromichi Konno
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The original Rin HK10 armchair by Fritz Hansen

The Rin HK10 armchair was designed by Hiromichi Konno for Fritz Hansen in Denmark. The base of the Rin HK10 armchair is a star base in aluminum, available in two finishes. Polished aluminum or powder coated aluminum to match the color of the shell. The armchair seat shell is available in a variety of colors. The Rin HK10 is a modern design beauty.

Please contact us for the upholstery options for the seat. The price will vary with the upholstery options.

RIN is a multifunctional chair created by the Japanese designer Hiromichi Konno. It is designed to be in perfect harmony with Japanese and Danish design traditions. The original idea for the RIN chair came from Konno’s fascination with nature and the curiosity surrounding the form of a bird’s nest.

He was spurred on by the immediate paradox of how something so practical and functional could be so beautiful. He also compares the appearance to another of one nature’s wonders: a single standing flower and the confidence and beauty it exuberates. RIN can be paired with a wide range of tables depending on your needs.

The chair is available in six colors with or without upholstery in a wide range of fabrics and leather. The star shaped base, is made in polished or powder coated aluminum to match the shell.

Hiromichi Konno is a Japanese designer with an international outlook. He has studied in both Japan and Sweden and also lived in London for many years. His style is very unique and there is a special energy and something almost teasing about his designs.

He now works for large companies and manufacturers around the world, and he is particularly in demand in Scandinavia. RIN is Hiromichi Konno’s first collaboration with Fritz Hansen. Hiromichi Konno has created the RIN chair for Fritz Hansen; an elegant and futuristic design. The idea is to create a new type of chair that is in harmony with Japanese and Danish design traditions.

The chair is elegant with a very innovative and progressive design. It invites you to sit in it for hours taking the traditional chair design into a new direction.

Size: 30.3″H x 22.4″W x 21.6″D
Seat Height: 17.7″H
Material: aluminum, plastic

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