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Frontier Plus Portable Woodburning Stove

Frontier Plus Portable Woodburning Stove
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This wonderful little stove is a perfect match for our Sibley tents. The Frontier Plus Stove features 3 collapsible legs to not only keep it at a safe distance from the floor of your tent, but to provide a wide, stable platform at the perfect height to cook on. The top of the Frontier is flat for even heat distribution and features a removable cooking lid. You can also try this Char-Broil portable grill.

The removable ash tray under the locking door helps catch coals and ash as you stoke the fire. The damper located in the exhaust pipe allows you to control your heat output, maximizing your fuel efficiency. As the Frontier Plus is a top-exit stove, we include a stove jack so you can install your stove wherever you need it most. When it’s time to break camp, all of the components of the Frontier Plus store away neatly inside the firebox, which is carried by the attached handle. The Frontier Plus stove truly is, just like its predecessor, an all-in-wonder unit!

Firebox: 18.50″ long x 11″ wide x 9″ tall (.8cf)
Output: 11950BTU/3.5kW (depending on wood type)
Total weight: 37lbs
Assembled dimensions: 33″ long x 22″ wide x 20″ tall (8′ with stove pipe)

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