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George Electronic Fragrance Diffuser

George Electronic Fragrance Diffuser
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Just imagine enclosing the world in a capsule. Just imagine scenting your environment with a simple click.Just imagine being able to choose a different fragrance every day.Just imagine changing a ritual gesture, forever.
George, innovative design and striking colours with a friendly shape, whose open arms release a world of fragrances into any setting thanks to the scented Mr & Mrs Capsules on air.

Each capsules Mr&Mrs Capsules on air embodies the experience of a journey. Fragrances are memories of itineraries around the world traveling with perfumes. The Mr&Mrs Capsules on air collection includes a large choice from the most enchanting places around the world.The capsules are made with alcohol-free fragrances. They can be changed and reused repeatedly in a safe and practical way. The innovative capsule technology and fragrances are Made in Italy.

+ Lithium Battery
+ Charger and USB cable
+ FREE Malaysian Black Tea Capsule

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