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George Scent & Sound Electronic Fragrance Diffuser

George Scent & Sound Electronic Fragrance Diffuser
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The sound is now scented. George, thanks to the Bluetooth technology, fills the air with music and perfume.You can easily connect it with your device and listen to your favourite songs.A sonic-fragrance diffusion, where the scent is combined with the power of sound and music, still in an easy and playful way.

George, innovative design and striking colours with a friendly shape, whose open arms release a world of fragrances into any setting thanks to the scented Mr & Mrs Capsules on air.Each capsules Mr&Mrs Capsules on air embodies the experience of a journey. Fragrances are memories of itineraries around the world traveling with perfumes. The Mr&Mrs Capsules on air collection includes a large choice from the most enchanting places around the world.The capsules are made with alcohol-free fragrances. They can be changed and reused repeatedly in a safe and practical way. The innovative capsule technology and fragrances are Made in Italy.

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