German Glass Glitter AQUA

German Glass Glitter AQUA
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Free shipping on orders over $35! ?click on image to see full size! This stuff is amazing. i can’t capture how pretty it looks in real life in pictures, but they look like shards of silvery glass. The greatest thing about German Glass Glitters is that the glass is shattered and broken into desired grit, and it is painted afterwards, so there is no part of the glass that is not covered in the color desired. This is priced per ounce, and it’s 100 grit. Like fine, tiny shards of glass. This is real glass, ground, and the gritty has sharp shards, so handle with care. Warning: not intended for childrens crafts of for use around children. This is real glass, with some sharp edges. Prices subject to change according to availability. Current price listed.

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