Get Off Your Phone Activity Book

Get Off Your Phone Activity Book
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Get Off Your (insert loud expletive) Phone! Whether it’s the nagging voice in the back of your mind, or the actual voice of your partner as they desperately try to drag your attention away from Insta-stories and back into the real world – it’s probably time you gave it some serious thought. Part journal, part activity book, part advice on how to give yourself a break; this liberating read is an outlet for anyone who wants to laugh at the absurdity of the digital age and remember how to be a human again – because scrolling through photos and videos of people you never speak to at 1 am definitely isn’t the way! It includes a whole host of activities, such as: Crafting with your obsolete smartphone charging cables Ten things to do outside right now Colour in the influencer who is so grateful for you guys Lies the internet tells you Why gardening is a thing you should try We’re not saying it’ll cure your smartphone addiction but it’s a pretty fun place to start.

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