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Ghisa Cast Iron Casserole

Ghisa Cast Iron Casserole
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Cooking, dining and entertaining all in one. Ghisa, cast iron in Italian, is a modern interpretation of the iconic ding casserole, a staple of Chinese cookware for thousands of years.
To meet the demands of the modern day living, the Ghisa mini casserole can be transferred from the fire or oven to the dining table, taking a central stage on its detachable trivet (included). It can also be used for keeping food warm at the table: just place a candle underneath the pot stand.

You’ll love the contrast between the black, rustic feeling exterior and the smooth modern enamel interior. Made of the highest quality materials, Ghisa will enhance the flavour of your dishes whether you roast, stew, steam or prepare a fondue.

The Ghisa cast-iron casserole, combined with the smaller Conchiglia ceramic casserole, is an unexpected gift that will impress cooking & entertaining enthusiasts.

About the Collection:
Hong Kong-based designer firm JIA creates dinnerware and cookware for the modern worldly consumer.
JIA’s international team of designers combine contemporary style and time-honored Chinese history and culture to create products that are both avant-garde and functional.

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