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Ghostwriter Suspended Desk

Ghostwriter Suspended Desk
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Ghostwriter’s suspended desk was created by the exterior designer Giacomo Moor, who designs an object to open and discover, to be surprised by the multifunctionality of his interior. The desk is made of lacquered wood, with Eucalyptus interior in contrasting material with the outside finish. If you are looking for a bed office, here is an awesome choice. Now you can work and relax at the same time!

With a single gesture, the Dual-Flap® opening system opens the large front door, transforming it into a practical desk top, and simultaneously a top of the top rises to facilitate access to the inside compartment of the cabinet, organized with cardboard and cardboard scanners pens. Complete the layout of power supply sockets (2 USB and 2 Shuko) concealed in the bottom of the inner compartment and a perfectly integrated infrared light control panel in the top thickness, which, when opened, is the correct one Angle to illuminate the work space.

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