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Gimble Book Holder

Gimble Book Holder
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The almost weightless and extremely durable Gimble Book Holder holds your paperback book open at the perfect angle presenting you with total hands free reading! You will never need to fold the book back on itself, eliminating the risk of breaking the book’s spine!

There is nothing worse when trying to study, than having to hold open the book whilst writing your notes! By balancing staplers, mugs of tea and makeshift paperweights on the corners, you seem to have taken control until the book springs shut and you lose your page.

The Gimble book holder is ideal for holding open text books, recipe books and novels with ease! Simply open your book to the required page and slip the thick side under the larger arm marked ‘RIGHT’ and the opposite side under the smaller arm marked ‘LEFT.’ You can turn your pages easily by flicking the page and slipping it securely under the opposite arm.

Once you reach the middle of your book, turn your Gimble Book Holder around so that the right arm always holds the thicker side of the book. As a meerkat once said to me…Simples! The pack includes 2 different sized Gimble Book Holders that will fit paperback books up to 4 cm thick!

Hands free reading
Easy to use and lightweight
Holds your book open
Pages easily turned
Fits the most popular Paperback book sizes

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