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Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Hand Dripper Kettle

Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Hand Dripper Kettle
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Short spouts can allow scalding water to splash up since you can’t control the flow.
Your usual short-spout kettles don’t result in good drip/pour over coffee, because when the water’s dumped all at once on your grounds, that doesn’t allow the time to coax out the subtle flavors of your coffee. (Yes, we’re total coffee snobs. How did you guess?).
And, most of all, you can’t tell what temperature the water reaches. If you are not a morning person and you are lazy, a Breville Espresso machine is what you need. With a press of a button you will have your perfect coffee.

Yeah, about that. What’s the big fuss about temperature?
We’re glad you asked. Too-hot, boiling water actually scorches your coffee or tea, which kills flavor and makes it bitter. Too cool, and it won’t steep properly, resulting in a weak, flat, sad beverage.
But now, you don’t even have to think about that because the built-in thermometer makes it easy to get the perfect temperature every time. The gooseneck gives a smooth, even and gradual pour for the perfect bloom. Always get a brew that is guaranteed to make your day.

Plus which, you’ll be the envy of your annoying coffee/tea snob friends (you know, the ones like us!).

What’s the big deal about pour-over coffee, anyway?
Coffee brewed at the proper temperature water will flat out amaze you. You know how people describe wines? You’ll know why after tasting coffee that’s been brewed correctly. You won’t believe the flavors and nuances you’ll taste. The same goes for tea. Try it!

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