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GPO Winchester Radio

GPO Winchester Radio
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The GPO Winchester radio is a beautiful remake of a classic ’50s device, similar to those we used to see in our grandparents’ house. GPO is an English company that produces articles with retro vibes, meticulous in detail, but with modern technologies. This radio, just like the classic models of the past, broadcasts with transistor technology. From 1950 to present day, the use of this device has made it possible to reach mass markets with small portable radios. If you are looking for a modern audio system, the Yamaha stereo would be the perfect choice.

The case has veneered panels and the internal speaker is protected with a fabric grid with two shades of brown. The radio station display is lit at the back and the sides feature two convenient controls in ivory, on the left side the volume control and on the right side the analogue tuning for the stations. Choosing the station is done with the classic needle, which is in this case made of transparent plastic, under the display there are switches for FM and AM and the illumination key.

The Winchester radio is truly elegant, the walnut-coloured wood is accented with gold piping above and below the controls. The same edges come up again between the display and the amplifier’s grid, as well as all the controls, which have hints of gold as well as the GPO brand on the top of one side. The radio is supported at the base by four feet that protect the underlying surface and don’t let the device itself slip. Its dimensions are reduced and the weight is only 2.5 kg. Thanks to its compact size, it can also be placed on a small kitchen shelf. It adapts well to every room of the house and gives the ambiance a retro touch. Info: AM/FM reception – Backlit display – Tuning controls and simple volume controls – Analog tuning.

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