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Granite Coasters & Whiskey Stones 6-Piece Glass Set

Granite Coasters & Whiskey Stones 6-Piece Glass Set
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The six piece Cool Cordial set lets you serve frosty cocktails and spirits in impeccable style with no chance of spills.

Transport frosty cocktails, after-dinner cordials, or even desserts directly from the freezer to the partywithout making a mess. A thick, recycled rubber jacket protects tabletops and contains drips of condensation. Form-fitting nooks in the granite base keep the slender, bottom-heavy glasses from taking a tumble. The Sea Stones Collection is your source for well-designed products hand crafted in New England from natural stone and recyclable materials.

Set includes 2 Granite Coasters, 2 Tumblers, and 2 Round Stones.

Due to the nature of natural stone, each product has a unique appearance. No two pieces look alike.

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