Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Pad XXLarge Size Small Pet Pad

Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Pad XXLarge Size Small Pet Pad
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XXLarge Guinea Pig Cage Mat is a washable, reversible, pad/cage liner featuring two layers of premium fleece. This listing is for one (two layer) flat pad that covers the bottom of the cage only and is super-easy to maintain. This xxlarge pad is apx 24 by 60 inches. It is reversible. You choose if you want a print on one side and solid on the other or both sides the same. And of course i can make it in your sweet piggy’s choice of colors. (Just let me know in your comment.) The pad you receive will be adorable, soft and very loved by your sweet piggy. Check my shop for other sizes! It will withstand hundreds of washings. Colorful and stimulating, these two layers are quilted together to prevent bunching when sweeping poops. Keeps all droppings on the surface for easy clean up! Simply sweep up poops daily. Your piggy will love the soft & dry surface and it is reversible for two great looks! Your sweet piggies will show their delight by pop-corning, running laps, and sprawling out on their liner! (Although i have washed the fleece used for this pad, i recommend you wash your new piggy pad prior to its initial use to insure proper wicking (water pulling through away from top layer). Machine wash your piggy pad in warm or cold water using laundry detergent that does not contain fabric softener. Fabric softener will cause your fleece pad to stop wicking the urine away from the surface and it will puddle on top. Either machine dry (without softener sheet) or air/line dry your piggy pad. Questions or special requests? i am only a convo away. Thanks for looking.

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