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Hadoro AirPods Carbon Black

Hadoro AirPods Carbon Black
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Turning classic into sleek. Built not just for style, but also for functionality and ergonomics, the carbon fiber AirPods break through the norm and take a bolder approach in promoting ease of use in a product that you won’t leave the home without.

The carbon fiber composite material is produced at our own facility, so we guarantee maximum quality each and every time. The manufacturing process is complex and multi-layered. Although this explains why carbon fiber is more expensive than steel, it is also the reason why the resulting product is 5 times stronger, twice as stiff, and a whole lot lighter.

Style-wise, the carbon fiber AirPods case has a graphite finish, visible fiber weave pattern, and matte surface. It is engraved with the Hadoro «H» logo. The earphones are coated with a durable and scratch-resistant black soft-touch finish.

Main features
Case: carved carbon fiber
Earphones: durable and scratch-proof black mat finish
Weight: 50 g
Dimensions (L/W/D): 60 x 44,3 x 22 mm
Packaging: custom box, including charger and original components kit

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