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Heated Stroller Pad

Heated Stroller Pad
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Keep your little one warm and comfortable on the go with the Heated Stroller Pad. Babies can’t control their temperatures in the same way that adults can and are especially sensitive to the cold. The Heated Stroller Pad helps to warm them up, boosting their immune system and keeping them happy and comfortable. These stroller pads use soothing temperatures and low-voltage to adjust your baby’s body heat and maintain it with no risk of electrical shock. Heated Stoller Pads are designed as an intrinsically safe system, making the fabric inflammable, with no short-circuit hazard. They are powered using rechargeable 12V batteries or 12V adaptors. They are available in four fun prints: Multicolored Mustache, Coral Flower, Grey Zig Zag, and Multicolored Elk.

Comfortable pad heated that heats up to keep babies warm and happy on the go.
Uses low voltage, so there is no risk of shock. Fabric is inflammable.
Made of 100% organic cotton.
Powered by 12V rechargeable battery or 12V adaptor.
Measures: 27.5 x 1 x 12 in
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