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Helio Pressure Shower

Helio Pressure Shower
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Nemo’s Helio Pressure Shower comes in a small, neatly nested kit, weighs less than a liter of water, and provides 5-7 minutes of steady and satisfying water pressure.
Unlike conventional gravity-fed, hanging shower systems, it uses an 11 liter welded fabric water tank pressurized by a foot pump.

If you don’t want to pump while taking the shower, the Ivation Portable shower head is perfect for you. It uses a battery to pump water from the bucket so you can enjoy your shower.

To use the system, you simply fill up the water tank, let it warm in the sun, set the tank on the ground wherever you’d like to shower, then step on the foot pump a few times. Pumping occasionally while showering maintains the water pressure.

The system includes the water tank, Helio foot pump, 7 ft. neoprene shower hose with nozzle, and a ventilated fabric carrying case.
Helio is ideal for showering or cleaning dishes in camp, rinsing up after surfing or canyoneering, or general hygiene and cleanliness on any extended stay in the backcountry.

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