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Hibou – Copper Coated Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Hibou – Copper Coated Pour Over Coffee Dripper
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  • {COPPER COATING} Our filters are copper coated by a special and complex process to ensure its long lasting brewing benefits and beautiful sleek,sophisticated look.
  • {PERMANENT FILTER} Our filter is economical and eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper filters. While we working on delivering the best products to your doorstep, we also strive to make our products efficient and easy to use.
  • {HONEYCOMB DESIGN} Our pour over coffee filter is designed in a cool honeycomb pattern. Not only does it add to the fashionable look of the filter but it also completely filters out even the finest grinds without any clogging.
  • {NON-SLIP STAND} The stand is made of stainless steel, and perfectly fits most cups, mugs or carafes (including Chemex). The rubber band at the base ensures that the filter stays in place while brewing your perfect cup of coffee.
  • {BETTER BREWING} Our pour over coffee filter is made of high quality copper coated stainless steel. Its reinforced steel mesh is extra durable, allowing brewing at the perfect rate and making your cup of coffee just the way you like it.
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