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Hide & Drink, Durable Thick Leather Raging Bull/Animal Farm Classic Shaped Coasters

Hide & Drink, Durable Thick Leather Raging Bull/Animal Farm Classic Shaped Coasters
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PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR COFFEE TABLE: These beautifully handcrafted and hand stitched Thick Leather Coasters come in a pack of six, perfect for your coffee table, kitchen table, wherever you take your coffee or tea. What’s more, they feature an attractive leather coaster holder for a stylish storage option.
HANDCRAFTED AND HAND STITCHED USING DURABLE FULL GRAIN LEATHER: The Leather Coasters are handcrafted and finely stitched using beautiful, durable, 100% Full Grain Leather. The coaster holder, also made with Full Grain Leather, is fire branded with our Owl emblem that will last a lifetime, and the leather will attain a unique patina over time and usage.

PROTECT YOUR WOODEN SURFACES: These attractive, Full Grain Leather coasters provide excellent protection to your wooden surfaces. The natural insulation properties of the hide mean that extreme temperatures do not penetrate the leather, so your beautiful coffee table is protected. No more water marks or coffee cup rings on your favorite Mahogany.
HOT & COLD DRINKS: The sturdy, durable and attractive Full Grain Leather ensures a long lasting life to your coffee table and the coasters themselves. Protects against intense heat from hot drinks, and condensation from cold ones. The quality of the leather will be unaffected by hot or cold temperatures, as well.
FEATURES A COASTER HOLDER FOR EASY STORAGE: The coasters come in an attractive, Full Grain Leather holder that offer an elegant yet unassuming home, making for easy storage when the coasters are not in use. The coaster holder means that you can keep them tidy on your coffee table, ready for action when you need them.

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