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HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Halter Top

HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Halter Top
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Charging and installing your battery
Connect the mini USB charging cable to the battery. Fully charge the battery before operating fiber optic light-up clothing.

Plug the battery into the product using the “output” connector.
When the battery indicator light begins to glow dimly, recharge the battery.
Controlling your fiber optic product with the included wireless remote
The product is controlled by the wireless remote using a high frequency signal (315MHZ) within a 20-meter proximity of the battery pack.

Suitable environments
Avoid using fiber optic products in dust, high humidity, or wet environments. Lights can lose brightness or experience discoloration if the product becomes dusty or wet.
When transporting the product, ensure the product is in well ventilated, moisture- and waterproof storage.
Avoid exposing the product to excessive amounts of direct sunlight.
Avoid exposing the product to foreign chemicals.
General care and washing instructions
Never fold the fiber optic fabric in a manner that severely bends the fiber optics. Never pull, crease, or roll the fabric.

Be careful not to scratch or tear fabric or fiber optics.
Do not put excessive weight on the fiber optic product for extended periods of time.
Handle the fiber optic product with care when wearing. Be cautious of breaking fibers.
Do not soak fiber optic products in water; doing so may damage the circuit. To clean fiber optic products, wipe with a soft, damp towel to remove stains. Warm water removes stains more easily. Neutral detergents can be used to clean excessive dirt if necessary. Hang to dry.

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