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HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Hoodie

HolyThreads! Fiber Optic Hoodie
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Our signature sleeveless hoodie is the perfect garment for any event. The warm yet breathable fabric helps you maintain an ideal body temperature in any climate, while the silky material of the interior makes this one of the most comfortable hoodies on the market. The white-on-white pinstriped design pops in the daylight, but this garment truly shines at night when the wearer switches between four dynamic colors via remote.

Holy Threads discreet technology allows the wearer to move freely without any disturbance from wiring or electronics, so it’s like any other hoodie in your closet, except with illuminating bonus features. Our sleeveless hoodie also holds the distinction of being our brightest and most fully-decked out garment – if you want to stand out, this is your chance.

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