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Hush Earplugs

Hush Earplugs
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Hush is a new kind of health wearable that combines a soothing sound machine into earplugs to block out noise that keeps you up at night, whether it’s a snoring partner or loud neighbors. By connecting wirelessly with your smartphone, Hush lets you still hear notifications such as your alarm clock or an emergency phone call. Hush lets you block out the world but still hear what you need for a truly peaceful sleep.

Designed for sleep and thin wireless profile follows the contour of the ear for long lasting comfort
Long lasting 5 to 8 hours of soothing sounds like white noise, raindrops, forest sounds and more
Notification filter control what you allow to still wake you up through the smartphone app
Personal alarm and alarm sounds only in your ear so you don’t have to wake up others as well
Charge case, compact carrying case doubles as a charger providing 3 on-the-go full charges

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