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Hydrobabe Paddle Purse Waterproof Backpack

Hydrobabe Paddle Purse Waterproof Backpack
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Keep your essentials safe and dry. Stay on the water as long as you like.
The idea for Hydrobabe came during frequent morning paddles in San Diego, CA. Loosing or ruining a phone and/or key fob in the water is common occurrence. So most women I knew left their phone in the car and ‘hid’ their car keys. Not a safe plan! For safety reasons you should always bring your phone, ID and keys with you.

Great for hiking, jet-skiing, and kayaking, boating, walking in the jungle and waterfalls.
Stay Safe! Keep your keys and phone on you and dry. Nothing inside will get wet.
Light enough and easy to carry. Very comfortable.
Narrow design frees up arms and shoulders for full range of motion.
Store your shorts or top to keep them dry. It is always nice to have a lightweight dry jacket to put on when it starts getting cold.
It is also a good idea to bring your safety whistle with you.

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