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HydroView Underwater HD Video

HydroView Underwater HD Video
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AquaBotix 8GB HydroView Remote Controlled Underwater Vehicle The Records Video & HD Photos. Affordable and fun, this remote controlled underwater vehicle can record live video and capture photos in HD, streaming them to your iPad and allowing you to share with family and friends.

See the underwater world in an innovative way-whether it’s searching for lost valuables, studying marine life, checking water depths or inspecting under your boat. Stay dry and safe from topside while recording videos and snapping photos to upload and share on social media sites.

THE VEHICLE INCLUDES: – LED lights. – 8 GB Memory Card – HD camera. – Standard 75 foot cable. – Waterproof carrying case. – Topside box which produces vehicles Wi-Fi. – Free download of the application to use on your iPad, PC or MAC computer.

75′ & 125′ Extension cables, Topside box with LAN, 8, 16 or 32 GB Memory Cards, Orientation Sensor, Depth Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Power Option)

Recreational uses: – View Hull – View Fish – Sleep Soundly – Assess Ruder – Inspect Anchor – Check Propeller – Secure Your Boat – Entertain

Commercial uses: – Inspect Sea Floor – Evaluate Sea Wall – Examine Lobster Pots – Check Live Bait Cages – Determine Water Depth – Analyze Progress Done On A Project – Inspect Underwater Cabling & Support Systems – Determine Strap Placement Before Removing Boat From Water

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