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Hyperice Back Ice Compression

Hyperice Back Ice Compression
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Two-layer design for maximum compression Layer 1: 3mm premium grade compression neoprene base layer with velcro-plush finish Layer 2: 3mm premium grade compression neoprene tension layer Provides optimal compression and support while maintaining a comfortable fit Machine Washable ICE CELL FEATURES Built in air release valve enables maximum compression Ultra-thin, durable cell “skin” for rapid cold transfer and depth of penetration Flexible Ice Cell conforms to the bod

Care Instructions After use, rinse the ice Cell inside and out with cool water and air dry. After the ice Cell is dry, store in a cool, dry place. Each Hyperice comes in a protective casing tube that is ideal for storing and/or carrying. Do not expose the Ice Cell to direct sunlight and/or heat, as the UV rays can damage the medical grade material. Do not fill the Ice Cell with anything other than ice. Hyperice works with all different forms of ice, but works best with crushed ice or Ice nuggets

Each Hyperice device is composed of two parts that work together as a system to maximize cold and compression to deliver optimal cold therapy
Ice Cell with Patented Air Release Technology features a Large 8″ x 8″ antimicrobial latex skin which harnesses the healing power of real ice
Ergonomic 3mm Plush Neoprene Compression Wrap with an innovative hook closure system is designed to apply direct Ice Cell pressure to the body

Oversized wide opening screw cap allows for easy fill of the recommended nugget or pellet ice crushed or cubed ice also provides cryotherapy benefit
By depressing the Patented Air Release Valve on the Ice Cell, excess air is removed allowing for optimal ice casting compression around the body part

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