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Hyphen Mattress

Hyphen Mattress
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Rejuvenate your sleep with our high-quality Hyphen mattress at a great price. Experience the perfect balance of comfort & support in a mattress that is anti-microbial and sleep cool!

We dropped all preconceived notions and started from scratch, intent on reinventing how we think about sleep, and creating a mattress purpose-built for you.

We scoured every last corner of the earth to locate the best materials available, regardless of industry. Where existing materials didn’t cut it, we formulated our own. The perfect mattress deserves the best bed frame, like the Zinus bed frame.

We constructed nearly 1000 different test beds based on everything we know about mattresses (and hypotheses about everything we don’t).

Starting from scratch involves a lot of guess and check. And we did so exhaustively, performing scientific analysis and garnering human feedback to improve our design. Fancy tests like “rollator compression cycles”, “sway force analysis”, “infrared imaging”, “pressure mapping”, and more. We lived and breathed this data in our quest to build the perfect mattress.

As we narrowed closer to our final design, we invited larger set of customers to test and compare our top mattress designs alongside other leading mattress brands, further isolating what people liked (and what they didn’t). And guess what? Our final mattress beat the competition handily – 9 out of 10 people preferred Hyphen.

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