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I-Switch™: Ultimate Intelligent, Multifunctional Shower Head

I-Switch™: Ultimate Intelligent, Multifunctional Shower Head
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This past year we’ve seen an incredible amount of innovation in the “home” category and the I-Switch shower head stands to continue this trend. The three functions we like the most about this shower head are its water-saving mode, the gesture control and the Led lights. Let’s see how the I-Switch works. Even before stepping into the shower you can tell the water temperature from the LED indicator. This way you’ll never step into a cold shower again. Using smart gestures you can the choose from three modes: mist, rain and bubble; you can also enable the ambient LED lighting for a more immersive shower experience – but by far the best feature is the water-saving one. Using the I-Switch you’ll be able to reduce water consumption by up to 50%. Starting at just $99, this is a better bang for your buck compared to its competitors so we definitely recommend it. Click the link below to get your own I-Switch from Kickstarter.

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