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InkCase i6 E-Ink Screen Case for iPhone 6/6s

InkCase i6 E-Ink Screen Case for iPhone 6/6s
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InkCase i6 adds a 4.3 inch E Ink display to the back of your iPhone 6/6s. It connects wirelessly to your iPhone 6 / 6s through Bluetooth, allowing you to access contents without switching on the iPhone’s display. Thus helping you to conserve the iPhone’s battery at the same time. Through the Inkcase app installed on the iPhone you could: -Received weathers updates, reminder, and calendar events on InkCase. Its always-on display ensures you will not miss another important notification that would be lost in iPhone’s long notifications center.

Read ebooks stored on the iPhone. InkCase uses E Ink’s signature paper-like display to provides an unrivaled reading experience that is friendly to your eyes. -Personalize InkCase wallpaper with your favorite images to express your unique individuality. InkCase Photo app turns your photos into rich monochrome images suited for InkCase. -Catch up on your reading list; Saved articles and webpages on the Pocket app can be store and read directly on the Inkcase i6. Features: -Anti-Glare Display -Always on Display -Ultra Low Power Consumption Display -Case Protection -Slim & Light Weight Design (4.1mm thin and 52 grams light)

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